Crystals often find us rather than us finding them. If you are reading this blog, crystals are already calling you. Think of crystals as a consciousness because each crystal will serve as a companion for you. It is very common for someone to choose a crystal based on the way it looks, only to discover that the healing properties of that stone are spot on when it comes to what is needed in that person’s life at the time.

Let us look at some ways for selecting a crystal that is perfect for YOU.

Chose a crystal intuitively, simple because you are drawn to it

You’ll find that the right crystal will call out to you based on what you need at the moment, and that is often the best way to choose a crystal.

Here is a fun exercise – go on to our tumbled stones page where you can see a wide selection of crystals at once. Then, follow these steps:

  • Make A Note Of Any Stones That Pop Out At You Immediately. Don’t Click On Them And Don’t Read Anything About Them – Just Write Down Their Names
  • Now Spend A Little Time Gazing At Each Different Stone (Again Without Reading Anything About Them). Ask Your Higher Self To Guide You And Follow Your Intuition.
  • Click On The Stones That You Were Drawn To The Most And Read About Them. Our Guess Is You’ll Be Surprised At How Much They Align With What You Are Looking For In Your Life Right Now.

Chose a Crystal that corresponds to a chakra that you want to open or balance

Crystals are wonderful tools for balancing our chakras. Different stones emit different frequencies that resonate with a corresponding chakra. So if you know that a certain chakra is out of balance based on certain symptoms you are having, you can choose a crystal that heals that chakra imbalance.

Check out our Chakra intention Kits, which are crafted to help you balance the chakra that you wish to work on

Chose a crystal according to your intention 

It can also be fun to choose healing stones based on how they can positively improve your life.

Take a moment and really dig deeper to figure out which area or areas in your life you want to start manifesting in.

Once you have your answer, head over to our intentions page, click on the intention you want to manifest in and we will throw out the perfect suggestions for you. 

Chose a crystal based on the health symptoms you want to improve

It can often be beneficial to search for the healing stones that are known for improving specific symptoms as well.

While most of our product descriptions are written to show you how each stone can improve your life, you can use the search bar on our website to search by symptoms in some cases.

For example, you could type in stress, migraine, bullying, cardiovascular, or even a part of the body such as stomach to determine what crystals will help with those things.

Chose a beginner crystal healing kit 

If all of the above is too much and you just want a simple way to start enjoying the healing effects of stone energy, you can always pick up a beginner crystal kit.

For example, you can’t go wrong with our Chakra Crystals Healing Box, which everything you need to embark on your crystal healing journey.

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