Zodiac Bracelet: Virgo

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August 23 to September 22 | Earth Sign | The Virgin

“I Love & Trust myself. I release negative thinking patterns based on fear and self doubt, and embrace positivity and optimism.”

Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz & Unakite Jasper

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Rose Quartz: Inspires unconditional love and promotes compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Attracts love to you and from you. Opens the Heart Chakra to dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments..

Smoky Quartz: Helps to heal emotional blockages from the past by eliminating negative energy. It is also a protection stone.

Unakite Jasper: Unakite Jasper also has a similar vibrational frequency as Virgos, therefore it supports their greatnesses and balances their emotions. When they are feeling overwhelmed, this Virgo crystal helps them to focus on the present moment. It reduces negative thought patterns and repressed emotions, and it harmonizes and strengthens their relationships.

Dimensions: 8MM Bead Size

Every crystal is unique and may slightly vary in shape, size, colour and texture. The photo is good representation of what you will receive; trust our team to intuitively chose what is best for you! All our crystals are cleansed and charged with love & healing before shipping

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