Red Jasper Heart

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Stability | Strength | Vitality

‘I am safe and stable. I am completely loved, supported and healthy. Life is abundant’

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What is this best for?
• Stabilizes energies leading to good health, balanced emotions, and action
• Brings vitality and surge of life force energy
• Strengthens energy and the physical body
• Activates and enhances Kundalini

Chakra: Root

How to Use
• Carry it with you to remain grounded & stable
• Meditate with it to enhance the life force energy through you
• Place it in your house or workplace

Every crystal is unique and may slightly vary in shape, size, colour and texture. The photo is good representation of what you will receive; trust our team to intuitively chose what is best for you! All our crystals are cleansed and charged with love & healing before shipping

Additional Information
Dimensions 7 × 7 cm
The Conscious
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