Intention Bracelet: Love & Peace

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Love | Peace | Heal

” I am filled with calm energy, knowing that the universe has my back”

Rose Quartz | Amethyst | Clear Quartz


This bracelet is a combination of amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz beads.

The Amethyst crystal is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts, including negativity of stress and anxiety. It is excellent for meditation as it facilitates intuition and works with the third eye chakra. It is known to be good for all kinds of addictions.

A stone of love and romance, Rose Quartz opens your heart to unconditional love. It raises your consciousness. It carries a feminine energy of peace, harmony, and compassion and reduces stress.

Clear Quartz is a master healer and an amplifier of energy. When used with other crystals, it amplifies the properties of those crystals. It also helps to connect with the higher realms.

Chakra: Heart, Third-Eye, Crown

Dimensions: 8MM Bead Size

Every crystal is unique and may slightly vary in shape, size, colour and texture. The photo is good representation of what you will receive; trust our team to intuitively chose what is best for you! All our crystals are cleansed and charged with love & healing before shipping

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