Amethyst Tibetan Healing Wand

540.00 د.إ

Intuition | Calmness | Spirituality

‘My energy is clean and pure. I am the divine light’


These Tibetan healing wands are whimsical, fun, and so magical. If you are a healer, you may want to use this wand to channel healing energy from yourself to another. Use these wands to open or close a sacred circle, to mix your herbs, to direct energy, and to raise and hold energy in your sacred space.

They are adorned with amethyst crystals at both ends creating a magical portal for healing to enter. Amethyst is known as ine of the Most Spiritual Crystals which heightens your intuition and Psychic abilities.It enhances Spiritual awareness and spiritual wisdom, promoting higher states of consciousness. It awakens the upper chakras with its enlightened vibration, attuning you to Higher Realms.

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Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 22 cm
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