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The Conscious Well Trading LLC is a platform to provide you with the tools and support to connect with your spiritual evolution, consciousness & ascension. Creating intention-centred, handpicked & personally curated range of crystals, home décor, energy tools & Kits, our focus is to help you open up your heart to the love & abundance the universe has to offer. 
Crystals and Minerals are the core foundation of the Earth, and of our bodies. The conscious well aims to bring that same grounding & practice of awareness into life. When we dive into our inner well, it is in that depth, we gain awareness of what makes us whole and in that, we understand that we are not separate from the Earth and experience, but made entirely of everything from it.

We welcome you on this journey of conscious evolution.

What makes us unique?

A message from the Founders

Welcome. I am Era Arora, a seeker, a spiritual entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Hub of Consciousness and the creator of The Conscious Well. For me, I didn’t chose crystals, they chose me. As a child, my mother used to give me a crystal angel to keep in my bag. I still have that angel, and carry it everywhere I travel. But this wasn’t always the case. As a millennial, even though I always thought they were beautiful, I never really connected to the magical power of crystals. It just wasn’t ‘logical’. But just how it is when you fall in love, logic doesn’t always prevail. Crystals came into my love like a gushing river of love, and changed my life forever. I couldn’t get enough. I began studying them and qualified as a crystal healing practitioner and crystal bodyworker from Australia. And through this, I understood, that working with crystals is not just magic, it is science.

It gives me immense happiness to share ‘The Conscious Well’ with you, as it’s not just a place to buy crystals or wellness products, but your guide to support you on your journey of manifesting. I wanted to create a platform that serves as a reminder to all of us that we are part of this universe, a piece of it, just as the crystals, and as such there is no separation between us and divine vibration. And with the support of these wonderful tools, we are capable of manifesting our heart’s desires.

I hope these wellness tools become an integral part of your life to serve you on your journey of living an abundant life.

With Love


Hi, My name is Deepa Arora and I am the Co-Founder of Hub of Consciousness, Transformational coach and PSYCH-K® Facilitator. On this beautiful journey of ever evolving consciousness, I realized my connection with crystals spans back lifetimes. In this life, as I have come to understand about my own crystalline energy and my deep connect with mother earth , I felt inspired to share this most amazing realm of crystals with everybody.

Crystals are such helping and compassionate beings like our old childhood friends who soothe us, guide us and support us while going through shifting times. No wonder, I always find myself sleeping with an amethyst under my pillow or holding a clear quartz unknowingly. I believe that the more receptive and open you are with crystals, the more they share their secrets with you.

We cannot even defy the power of crystals scientifically, it is not a belief or a ritual or superstition. Thanks to the amazing properties of quartz, we get to use clocks, electronics and much more.

I am so thrilled to share this amazing science of crystals with you and may we all benefit from it for our highest good and contribute towards raising the crystalline energy .

With Love


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